Trademarks and how we enforce them.

“NFC Ring” is a registered Trademark of McLear Ltd.

Evidence of trademark:

If you have been sent here because you have violated the use of this trademark then read on.

What should I do?

You should immediately stop using the “NFC Ring” trademark from your website.

Common issues

A third party might list their product as “Spandex NFC Ring” or “Gala NFC Ring”. This is an infringement on trademark and should not be used.

How can I fix it?

Do not use the term “NFC Ring” in your product name. For example use “Spandex Magic Ring” or “Gala Smart Ring”.

Are we trying to claim “NFC” as a trademark we own?

No. You could call your product “NFC Band” or “NFC Gold” but you should always avoid using the terms “NFC” and “Ring” in your product name if you want to avoid confusing customers.

Why is it important we enforce this?

What happens if I ignore this advice?

Have we done DMCA take downs before?

Sadly, yes. This is our last resort and it’s basically reserved for companies who are completely ripping off customers.

To ensure we don’t stifle innovation.

Which patents can be freely licensed? – US 2015/0042450-A1: Covers:

How do I get a license sorted?

If you wish to license our patent simply email with your company/personal contact details.

Current Licensees

What if I don’t get a license sorted before I ship?

Due to the current status quo we have to take some action:

Can I use the NFC Ring™ trademark?

No. The trademark is not included in this license.

Small print

By Accepting this license agreement you agree that all new works created on top of this patent are public domain.